These pet beds fuse comfort, durability and design with environmentally sustainable production and socially conscious business practices. Handcrafted of 100% natural wool by women artisans in Nepal, these products are safe for pets and healthy for our planet. 

The wool used for these beds is not chemically cleansed, so it has a lot of lanolin in it. Lanolin is the natural oil unique to sheep’s wool and it reminds your pet of the scent of their mother. Lanolin oil conditions their paws and helps to keep their fur healthy and shiny. Using a technique called wet-felting, the only materials used in the making of these items are pure wool, natural soap and water. All pet caves use safe, non-toxic dyes in an environmentally sustainable low-impact dying process which uses less energy and produces less waste byproduct. Our products are handcrafted by women in Nepal; your purchase supports these artisans and their families, helps raise them out of poverty, and keeps crafting traditions alive.

Care: The lanolin in the wool is anti-microbial and odor resistant which keeps our wool beds naturally clean. They can be vacuumed or spot cleaned with a sponge. If a bed becomes very soiled, you can wash it in the delicate cycle of a washing machine. 

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